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Lashify Lash Extension Services

We are pleased to offer Luxury Lash Extensions by Lashify! These lashes are safe and easy to apply. No need to spend hours at a salon!! These can be added to your makeup look in just minutes!

This new innovative system allows the lashes to be placed safely underneath your lash line for a completely undetectable look!

Unlike traditional lash extensions that rely on harsh glue to keep lashes in place, the Lashify system uses a flexible bond with no cyanoacrylate or formaldehyde. This gentle bond secures your lashes, while nourishing your natural lash with Biotin and Lavendar. Many clients have shared their lashes have grown!

These unique Gossamer Lashes are 100% Korean Silk Premium PBT, and are weightless lash fusions designed to meld with your natural lashes as they are fused on. You can wear a single base, or have them stacked for a more dramatic look. Either way, they are light-weight and remain undetectable! They come in various sizes, lengths, and density. This allows us to customize a lash design just for you.

Lashify gossamers can last anywhere from 3 days to 10 days, depending on client preference, application technique, and client after care. They can be gently removed with duo phase waterproof makeup remover, be cleaned and reused if you wish. When you get Lashify Lash Extensions with us, you will get a touch up kit, and instructions on how to touch them up for longer wear.

Our Lashify extensions services start at $70 for a single base application! If added to a makeup service, they start at $50. The touch up kit is $20 (includes samples of the black/white bond, duo phased remover, Japanese cleansing water, temporary fusing tool, container for lashes, and various disposable tools). Contact us to make your appointment today!

If you prefer to learn how to apply these lashes yourself, we offer a discount code for the kit purchase at Lashify, and offer self application lessons.

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