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Beauty Mark Ink is a team of professional makeup and hair artists based out of the Bay Area, providing service nationwide, and worldwide.


Although, 10 years ago it began as a small family venture.  Vanessa and Jennifer teamed up to follow their passion for makeup, inspired by their mom/grandma who was a cosmetologist for over 30 years.  Owning her own salon in her native Nicaragua, and bringing her skills with her as she immigrated to the states.  Out of her three daughters and four nieces, 4 showed interest in the arts.  So then in 2005, Vanessa and Jennifer realized it was time to pursue their passion, and attended school for a year to become professional makeup artist.  Then in 2006, Beauty Mark Ink was born. 


The Beauty Mark Ink team has worked hard to make a name for themselves in the Bay Area, particularly in bridal beauty, providing the best client service.  And as business grew, they soon realized they had to partner with other professionals in the Bay Area to meet the demand.


Today Beauty Mark Ink is known for providing some of the best luxury bridal services in the Bay Area.  The team is constantly training, learning, and evolving to provide the most current state of the art beauty services.   Although our team specializes in Bridal, we provide beauty services for all occasions, including lessons, professional classes, and much more!

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