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Bridal Trial? What should you expect and prepare for?

Are bridal trials/consultations necessary? Bridal trials are very important and required by most professional makeup artists. Not having a trial can ca14use many issues on the day of the wedding. Even when the bride knows what she wants, two things can happen1) once the bride sees the look on herself, she may change her mind. Similar to what happens when you think you know what dress type you love, and then end up with something completely different. 2) The bride may communicate what she “sees” and pictures in her mind, and the makeup artist may hear the description and “see” something different. It’s also an opportunity to meet the beauty team that will be with you on one of the most important days of your life. The trial allows the artist to, not only meet you, but also address and prepare for any beauty or skin issues you may be dealing with prior to the wedding.

Now that we have established the importance of a trial/consultation, what should you expect from your makeup artist and hair stylist? Your beauty team will start by setting up in a well-lit area, with access to an outlet. They will then hold a consultation and find out more about you, your style, and details about your wedding. Including the look you envision. When booking a trial with Beauty Mark Ink, you will receive a quick questionnaire prior to your consultation that will help us better understand your vision even before our arrival. Then they will proceed to do a full makeup application (using either a traditional or airbrush technique), lash application should you choose to, and the full styling of your hair. We don’t take any short cuts, you will see exactly what the whole look will be. You won’t get “half face” makeup, or “don’t worry it will look better on the day of”. So take full advantage of your trial, and plan something fun after!! Then, once you are satisfied with the look, the team will take photos and notes of the product, colors, and style you chose. They will also discuss and answer questions about the booking process, timing on the day of, and setting up a contract.

What should you prepare for your trial/consultation? Before your trial, take the time to research photos of the look you are considering. Search for photos that have same skin color, hair type, etc. Communicate not only things you like, but also the things that you definitely don’t like when it comes to makeup or hair. Be as specific as possible with your descriptions. Don’t be afraid the let the artist or stylist know that there is something you don’t like, you won’t hurt our feelings!! It’s not about what we like, it’s all about what makes you feel comfortable. Our goal is to achieve a look that is special, yet true to who you are. Make sure to let your artists know about any beauty issues you have such as allergies, skin, or scalp conditions. Do not have too many people present at your trial, as that tends to cause more confusion than assistance. Have one person that knows you well, and can give honest feedback. But remember, at the end, we want to do what makes you feel most comfortable.

Here’s a quick prep list:

-Have photos ready to show your makeup artist and hair stylist -Wear a white top, as it makes a difference on how the makeup looks. -Have photos of the details, such as dress, flowers, veil, etc. -Have skin cleansed and moisturized -Hair should be dry with little to no product

Other than that, just prepare to be pampered and have fun!!

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